Cool Rooms & Fridges

All Fridges & Freezers must be delivered by Beavis Party Hire professionals.


Please take some time to browse our Cool rooms and Fridges product listing.

Double Door Fridge & freezer

  • Double Door Fridge (left): has full glass doors and 4 adjustable shelves. Will be delivered by the Beavis Team.
  • Double Door Freezer (right): Double Door Upright Freezer

Mobile Cool Rooms

2.4m Long x 1.8m Wide x 2.1m High (Cool room dimensions). Height on Trailer is 2830mm. Cool Rooms can be picked up or can be delivered by Beavis professionals. Please be aware Cool Rooms must be empty when towing from site to site.


Tuckerbox Freezer

Tuckerbox Freezers are available for Weekend Hire & Long Term Hire