How To - Heatlie BBQ

We've put together an instructional Guide for the HEATLIE BBQ.


Click on any of the instructions below for more information. Follow the guidelines below, or download the PDF here.

+ Weight of BBQ

The BBQ weighs approximately 42kg. It Requires a 2 person lift (watch your back when lifting – bend your knees).

+ Assembly of BBQ

To install legs onto the BBQ:

  1. Lay BBQ on its side.
  2. Loosen the thumb screws in the stub legs of the BBQ.
  3. If the BBQ has a leg set where one has wheels, then the wheels should go the same end as the gas controls.
  4. If the legs are the folding type, ensure they are fully extended and locked into position prior to standing the BBQ up.
  5. Insert the legs and securely tighten the thumb screws ( do not use pliers)
  6. Stand the BBQ up and ensure the BBQ is level

Attaching the Gas Bottle:

  1. Visually check the hose to ensure no visible damage
  2. The Hose and regulator should be attached to the gas bottle using fingers to tighten.
  4. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN as this may damage the rubber seal

Turning on the BBQ

  1. Ensure both tap knob are turned off.
  2. Turn the gas bottle tap on.
  3. Check for gas leaks. If Necessary spray some soapy water around the POL connection at the gas bottle and at the connection to the BBQ
  4. If there is a large or excessive rush of gas, turn off gas at the bottle. This may indicate a faulty regulator, gas bottle tap or BBQ tap. Call Beavis for service. Do not ignite until gas dissipates
  5. If Bubbles are visible, do not use the BBQ until connections are secured.
  6. Follow the instructions on the side panel of the BBQ where the knobs are located.
  7. If the gas won’t light using the piezo ignition button, turn the gas knobs to off and wait till the gas dissipates. Then turn the gas on and light the BBQ using a match through the viewing hole in the front fascia panel

+ Preparing to cook

  1. Attach a tin or can to the fat catcher bracket on the right-hand side of the hotplate. Beavis cleans all BBQ before delivery, but it is recommended that you wash the hotplate with warm soapy water prior to use
  2. Lightly coat the hotplate with cooking oil, either by wiping of spraying
  3. Once the BBQ is lit allow 5 minutes for the hotplate to warm before placing food on it.

+ What to expect during cooking

  • As you move away from the line of the burners, the hotplate will be cooler than over the burners
  • If the hotplate gets too hot adjust the gas controls to a lower setting
  • If you place a lot of cold or frozen food on the hotplate you can expect it to take several minutes before cooking will happen. The recovery time will depend on the amount of cold food you put on the hotplate.

+ Cleaning the BBQ

Prior to returning the BBQ to Beavis you are required to ensure it is fully cleaned and in the same condition as received. Should you avail yourself of the Beavis cleaning service, then you must still ensure all excess fat and food removed from the hotplate.

+ Transporting the BBQ

When use of the BBQ is finished, reverse the above installation procedure by removing the gas bottle (ensure gas tap is full ) off prior to disconnection. Remember to remove the legs.

+ In case of emergency

Beavis recommends that a fire blanket is kept handy whenever the BBQ is alight. In case of fire dial 000. As per the Terms and conditions on hire, if there are problems with the equipment contact Beavis and report the situation. Although all equipment is fully checked prior to despatch, occasional faults will develop during transport or use. Contact Beavis for service or replacement. No Refund or will be available if the situation is not reported.


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