How To - Heatlie Hotbox

We've put together an instructional Guide for the HEATLIE Hotbox.


Click on any of the instructions below for more information. Follow the guidelines below, or download the PDF here.

+ Transporting the Hotbox

  • The Hotbox must be transported upright
  • To Load onto a track or utility, back the unit up to the vehicle, with one person in the vehicle pulling the top of the handle, another person pushing it up into the vehicle.
  • The HOTBOX is too heavy for one person to lift.

+ Attaching the Gas Bottle

  1. Visually check the hose to ensure no visible damage
  2. The hose and regulator should be attached to the gas bottle using fingers to tighten. DO NOT USE A SPANNER
  3. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN as this may damage the rubber seal
  4. Check seal with soapy water for the leaks

+ Turning on the Hotbox

  1. Ensure both tap knobs are turned off
  2. Turn the gas bottle tap to on. Check for gas leaks. If necessary, spray some soapy water around the POL connection to the HOTBOX.
  3. If Bubbles are visible, do not use the HOTBOX until connections are secured
  4. If there is a large or excessive rush of gas, turn off gas at the bottle. This may indicate faulty regulator, gas bottle tap or HOTBOX tap. Call Beavis for service. Do not ignite until gas dissipates.
  5. Turn on the Oven Knob to full and hold in until lit and 10 second after, allow a short moment for the gas to come through then press the piezo button
  6. If the gas won’t light using the piezo ignition button, turn the gas knobs to off and wait till the gas dissipates. Then turn the gas on and light the HOTBOX using a match through the rear vent, always light match before turning on the gas.

+ Preparing to heat Food

Once the HOTBOX is lit allow 10 minutes for the OVEN to warm before placing food in it.

+ What to Expect during heating

  • If the Oven gets too hot adjust the gas control to a lower setting. Momentarily opening the door will also lower the temperature
  • If you place a lot of cold or frozen food in the oven you expect it to take longer to heat food
  • Warming times will vary depending on the quantity of food being warmed, and the temperature of the food.
  • If the user constantly opens the door, the food may never reach its temperature.
  • Small pastry items will take approximately 20 minutes.

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