How To - Self-Erect Marquee

We've put together an instructional Guide for the Self-Erect Marquee.


Click on any of the instructions below for more information. Follow the guidelines below, or download the PDF here.

1. Ensure the area is clear of any debris e.g. rock, sticks glass
2. Lay the marquee roof out on the ground with the rope around the perimeter facing down
3. The spikes are to go in next. Each spike should be approximately 1 metre out from each rope eyelet and two spikes on each corner
4. Stand corners of the marquee first (diagonals works best), making the 4 sides of the roof as taut as possible
5. At this stage insert the centre poles (the centre pole is made up of two pieces that fit together). Once inserted tie the rope hanging from the top of the roof through the hole in the centre pole
6. After this, insert all of the other outside poles around the perimeter of the tent and make sure all ropes are tight on completion
7. Side the marquee with walls provided. These sides clip to the rope around the underside of the roof.


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